Mom Takes a Bath…..AKA Well At Least My Skin is Soft

My new house as a bathtub in the master bath, with jets and stuff. I have never been a bath person, but everyone raves about them so I was like “Self, lets give this a whirl.”  Went to Target, got some bath ball thingys, a face mask, foot masks, sea salt scrubs, a magazine and made myself a big ole jug of lemon water.

IMG_8043 IMG_8045

Now that I had all the ingredients assembled, time to get ready. Waiting for the kids to go to bed, told The Husband that for the next half hour I was not to be disturbed. Filled her up with hot water and a couple of bath balls. Found some baby oil and threw that in there for good measure, climbed in and put on the sheet mask and footie mask thingys.


Here is what I have learned from my

1. here is no good way to take a selfie w. a sheet mask on. You look like a frakin serial killer.

2. I need to get something put on the floor of my tub. All I did was slip and slide around in there…and maybe one of those bathtub pillows.

3. When I relax…I read…but I was too paranoid to read in there, was convinced I would drop my book, magazine or phone (yeah I tried all 3)

4. Even with a Do Not Disturb order in place….everyone will still need you for something from ‘Where are my keys’  to ‘Mom, Ethan said its not my turn with the LeapPad!’

5. Yeah I might not be a bath person.

But hey, my skin is crazy soft and Charlie kept telling me how good I smell afterword! Oh and I def loved the sea salt scrub, but then again I love back scratches too so…


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