Date Night!….AKA One on One Time w. My Charlie

I went on a date…..with my 5 year old! It was awesome. He loved the one on one time with me and get this…when I asked him where he wanted to go..he yelled SUSHI! Love this kid! So we found a sushi place and got some good food! He wouldn’t touch the spicy ones…but thats ok THEY WERE ALL MINE! (Kinda fun not having to arm/chopstick wrestle The Husband over the good bits!)


It was hilarious watching him w. the chopsticks (the ones w. the training wheels) He got pretty good! Although sometimes he still used his hands

IMG_8094 IMG_8096 IMG_8099

IMG_8102 (1)

He had so much fun balancing!

IMG_8104 (1) IMG_8107 IMG_8108

It was a great time. He felt so grown up and even recommended food to our neighboring diners! Told them the asparagus tempura was delicious!  While we ate we reviewed dining manners and just had fun. He loved it! Next I will have to take Ethan on a date…..that may be a little more….crazy!


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