Art….AKA Getting My Creative Side ON!

I recently read the book “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” and there was a quote in there that really resonated w. me:

People like you must create. If you don’t create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society.”

So…in efforts to not become more of a menace to society 🙂 and to have some fun ‘me’ time I have started back up in an old hobby of mine. Drawing. Might even do some watercolors, we shall see.  I set up a part of my office as a drawing station and even set up an area where the boys can color and draw as well. Charlie and Ethan love hanging out w. me and drawing. Its so sweet! I might take Charlie out sometime to draw some trees sometime soon!

Here are some of the sketches and drawings I have done over the last couple of weeks. Nothing fancy, mostly just sketches of photos and wildflowers I found on our walks at the forest preserve.

Pencil drawing of Queen Anne’s Lace


Wild berry branch in colored pencil


Black Eyed Susan in colored pencil


Clover in colored pencil


I have no idea what kinda plant this is…but it has been drawn!


Doodling the flowers in ink


OK I was gonna put in some sketches I did from some photos of the kids…but yeah..they are NOT good enough to post!


Masters of Science in Project Management….AKA Nope, not an MBA….

I have decided that instead of going for my MBA that I am going for MS in Project Management. YUP! I’m jumping in! I start next week.

So we this instead of an MBA? I have zero interest in finance, economics, accounting etc. and when it comes down to it, the two things I like the most about my career path is organizing data (Hey! Its not OCD its therapy for anxiety and chaos!) and managing projects. I want to strengthen the project side. And I just like school. And I want a pretty Master’s feather in my cap. And saying I am a MASTER OF SCIENCE… will just be F’ing cool. I will so introduce myself like, Hi…I am Chantal… MASTER OF SCIENCE! And then they will be all like, oh yeah, how do you make kryptonite..and then Ill be like, um, WRONG SCIENCE SUCKA! And they will be like, what kinda science? And I will be like…um Project Management…..ITS A SCIENCE! NAY.. AN ART! RECOGNIZE MY GLORIOUS FEATHER IN MY CAP!

So yup, here we go. I decided to not go down the prestigious/expensive school path (Northwestern/UIC)…cuz people. And am going w. the online classes cuz with 4 kids I need to do this when I can. Like when they are asleep, or during lunch at work, or its a GREAT excuse for mommy time. “Honey, I need you to watch the kids for a couple hours…gotta study!” And w. online school…there are less people.

I just hope people don’t hear online school and think…oh thats not like REAL school…cuz according to my peeps that have done both ways, they are both pretty equal in the education/hard/homework/project department. So we shall see.

Also w. this path I will get my PMP which is something that says you are Queen of Project Management. So I will have all sorts of feathers and crowns, maybe a tiara.  And I will feel like a ROCKSTAR.

Wish me luck!

Bench Reupholstery….AKA PROJECTS!

I did another quickie project yesterday at the house and love how it turned out!



I knew I would need a staple gun, scissors and fabric. Wasn’t sure what else so just grabbed a bunch of random stuff…


Flipped the bench upside down (rubbed its belly before operating).


The seat part came out like, crazy easy. I though I was gonna have to pry or unscrew or something, nope, just came right out.


I started staples on the long sides first, pulling the fabric tight and pulling the trigger.


As expected, the corners were a lil tricky, but I thnk I did a decent job.


Continued stapling around the whole honkin thing…hand was SoRE


Flipped if back over and TADA:


Charlie Approves!


Im debating painting the legs…maybe gray, gold or white…what do y’all think?

Ooo and I have some left over fabric so will probably make a couple pillows!

First Day of School…..AKA What to do When Your Lil Guy is Shy

I will preface this with, I should have planned better and got there good and early. Instead we got there right when the kids were lined up and walking in. Ugh.


Anyway, So today was Charlie’s first day of Kindergarten! Last night we packed his backpack full of his supplies, picked out his outfit and got all excited about Kindergarten! This morning when he woke up, he was so ready! Wanted to get dressed immediately. Ethan wanted to go to, so dressed him up and got him his mini back pack and the 3 of us walked to school.

IMG_9048 IMG_9051 IMG_9053 IMG_9057

It took a bit longer than I thought, even though its like, right around the corner, but my boys are slow walkers! We got there right at 8:15 when the kids are going in.

Charlie WOULD NOT GO IN. He went a corner of the building saying “Mom, I don’t want to go in. Its scary in there”

I tried coaxing him, telling him how brave he is, what a big kid, how fun kindergarten is going to be….nope! Wouldnt work. Some of the facility that was lined up outside tried to help out and talk to him, but he would have nothing to do w them! The social worker came and helped and he liked her right off the bat, but still wouldn’t go in. We showed him his classroom from the outside. I brought his backpack inside and put it in his cubby. NOPE!

So the social worker suggested that we go for a walk outside to the park.


We went there, he played for a little bit while she chatted with him. Charlie warmed up to her and she convinced him to come to her office where she has a trampoline and toys and a cool bouncy chair for him to play on. This is where we parted. I gave him a kiss and hug good by and he went with the social worker to hang out.

She just called me and let me know she got him in the classroom! And he seemed to be loving it now!

Oh my shy guy! I am so sorry I didn’t think to get you there nice and early so you would have more time to warm up to it! I should have known better, I am the same way and I have seen him do this before. Ugh Mommy Fail!

I can’t wait to hear about his day when class is out though! I know he is going to love it.

SO, what I have learned for going to school with a shy introvert such as myself:

1) Get there early, like 30 minutes early, to allow for a warm up period

2) Maybe call the social worker ahead of time so that they have a heads up

3) Make sure lil dude gets to meet his teacher before hand and maybe try to hook up w. one of the other students in class so he can have a buddy.

4) Don’t make him feel bad for being shy, its totally ok and there is nothing wrong with it. I was very big on encouragement and letting him know his feelings were totally acceptable and that its important to communicate them.

Mom Always Get Use Her PTO Days For Others……AKA I miss ME days

Ok this is a bit of a rant post.

I swear…almost ALL my PTO days are used either when the nanny takes a sick day, the kids have dr appts, or something needs to be done.

I used to take one day off a quarter for a ” ME day”. I would sleep in, go shopping, go out for a nice lunch, maybe find a park and read a book. ALL BY MY GLORIOUS SELF. It was awesome. That rarely happens now. With 4 kids, you have one of them getting sick or the nanny getting sick, every other month…at least.  I have unlimited PTO cuz the company I work for is awesome but I still have a goals that need to be met. And for some reason there is a frakin’ 80/20 rule when it comes to mom or dad staying home from work.

This morning he didn’t even frakin’ PAUSE. He just left for work while I furiously tried to find a back up. Back up couldn’t come in, so here I am, home with the 4 kids when I should be at work. I LOVE my kids, but I also love my job. Also, my clients need me to test, troubleshoot, work on getting projects completed by the goal date.

Its not that he NEVER stays home. If there is enough advanced notice, like the nanny wants to take a couple of vacation days or we have to close on our house or something, then he is perfectly willing to take a day off and no problem staying home w. the kids if needs be. But these last minute days….its srsly 80/20. MAYBE 70/30…but you get what I mean.

Why does Mom’s job and career ALWAYS come second? And when the heck am I gonna get a ME day again? Ok gotta go. Kids are wrecking havoc in my absence and I think one of them has duct tape.

Twins Experimental Eating and Our Pups

So my lil twin monkeys have taken to dumping there food over the edge when they are done eating. Or when they aren’t done eating…which will cause a big ole fit fest. So after every meal there is a big ole mop up of noodles, sweet potatoes, corn dogs or whatever else they are eating.


Ma where did it go?


The SMART thing to do is give them just a little bit at a time. And if I wasn’t doing a million other things, like making sure the other two boys are eating, cleaning whatever I possibly can and trying to eat whatever awesome (srsly awesome, like garlic shrimp or steak or kabobs..nomnomnom) food the husband has made for us while juggling everything else… I would do the smart thing. But yeah…for now….its raining food, and the Lyla-pup is reaping the benefits….its shows….


This is our girl, Lyla. She is an Alaskan Klee Kai, which is like a mini Husky. She has several aliases. Lyla Puff, Snufflepuff, Lady Puff, Snufflepuffalous, Stay Puff.

Here are some great pics of her and her brother, Bleu, over the years. Bleu has remained svelte. But he lives at my brothers place . Does not have 4 kids feeding him tons of food 🙂

Baby pups Babypups2 FieldPUps LadyPuff LIlPuff

Chair Transformation……AKA…Yup thats an improvement!

One of my craigslist finds was an antique 5$ chair…and it was stained…and I wanted to motify it to go better with the decor IN MY HEAD *please note this means that it goes in touch w. future plans…not current paint scheme*



Here is what I did..and I feel all crafty and awesome. This was way easier than I imagined!

Here is the dye I bought…


I probably should have been helpful and took a pic of the innards…but yea…was too excited. Its a plastic packet w. the dye inside. I had to use a chopstick to get it in the spray  bottle of HOT water…


So once the dye and the ‘intensifier’ was in the spray bottle, I brought my victim to the garage and commenced…


I admit, when I first started spraying…I was like OMG WHAT AM I DOING????


But it got better


And better!IMG_8579

So this is iteration 1!

I may try changing the leg color to gold…or blue… I dunno? Any thoughts?? I wanna make it modern…but classic….

JEEP POWERWHEELS!……AKA Cruisin’ for Chicks

I got…I mean I got the kids….a Jeep Power Wheels this weekend at a garage sale for 40$! And they even hooked lights up to the battery and stuff. IM SO JEALOUS. I wanted one of these like the whole time I was growing up.  Maybe this will motivate me to lose 20 pounds….I wanna ride that sucker!

Boy Jeep 2 BoyJeep

So Charlie had Driving 101 this weekend. It was HILARIOUS! Teaching him how to use reverse to turn around, cutting the wheel, all that fun stuff. Joke w. the neighbor about how tomorrow would be parallel parking day…

We went for a walk/drive? down the sidewalk and saw the 11 year old neighbor girl that Charlie plays with sometimes…and I KID YOU NOT….he stops his car, leans on the backrail w. his elbow and says” Hey whattya doing? Wanna go for a ride in my new jeep?”

He is already using the Jeep to cruise for chicks!