JEEP POWERWHEELS!……AKA Cruisin’ for Chicks

I got…I mean I got the kids….a Jeep Power Wheels this weekend at a garage sale for 40$! And they even hooked lights up to the battery and stuff. IM SO JEALOUS. I wanted one of these like the whole time I was growing up.  Maybe this will motivate me to lose 20 pounds….I wanna ride that sucker!

Boy Jeep 2 BoyJeep

So Charlie had Driving 101 this weekend. It was HILARIOUS! Teaching him how to use reverse to turn around, cutting the wheel, all that fun stuff. Joke w. the neighbor about how tomorrow would be parallel parking day…

We went for a walk/drive? down the sidewalk and saw the 11 year old neighbor girl that Charlie plays with sometimes…and I KID YOU NOT….he stops his car, leans on the backrail w. his elbow and says” Hey whattya doing? Wanna go for a ride in my new jeep?”

He is already using the Jeep to cruise for chicks!


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