Chair Transformation……AKA…Yup thats an improvement!

One of my craigslist finds was an antique 5$ chair…and it was stained…and I wanted to motify it to go better with the decor IN MY HEAD *please note this means that it goes in touch w. future plans…not current paint scheme*



Here is what I did..and I feel all crafty and awesome. This was way easier than I imagined!

Here is the dye I bought…


I probably should have been helpful and took a pic of the innards…but yea…was too excited. Its a plastic packet w. the dye inside. I had to use a chopstick to get it in the spray  bottle of HOT water…


So once the dye and the ‘intensifier’ was in the spray bottle, I brought my victim to the garage and commenced…


I admit, when I first started spraying…I was like OMG WHAT AM I DOING????


But it got better


And better!IMG_8579

So this is iteration 1!

I may try changing the leg color to gold…or blue… I dunno? Any thoughts?? I wanna make it modern…but classic….


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