Mom Always Get Use Her PTO Days For Others……AKA I miss ME days

Ok this is a bit of a rant post.

I swear…almost ALL my PTO days are used either when the nanny takes a sick day, the kids have dr appts, or something needs to be done.

I used to take one day off a quarter for a ” ME day”. I would sleep in, go shopping, go out for a nice lunch, maybe find a park and read a book. ALL BY MY GLORIOUS SELF. It was awesome. That rarely happens now. With 4 kids, you have one of them getting sick or the nanny getting sick, every other month…at least.  I have unlimited PTO cuz the company I work for is awesome but I still have a goals that need to be met. And for some reason there is a frakin’ 80/20 rule when it comes to mom or dad staying home from work.

This morning he didn’t even frakin’ PAUSE. He just left for work while I furiously tried to find a back up. Back up couldn’t come in, so here I am, home with the 4 kids when I should be at work. I LOVE my kids, but I also love my job. Also, my clients need me to test, troubleshoot, work on getting projects completed by the goal date.

Its not that he NEVER stays home. If there is enough advanced notice, like the nanny wants to take a couple of vacation days or we have to close on our house or something, then he is perfectly willing to take a day off and no problem staying home w. the kids if needs be. But these last minute days….its srsly 80/20. MAYBE 70/30…but you get what I mean.

Why does Mom’s job and career ALWAYS come second? And when the heck am I gonna get a ME day again? Ok gotta go. Kids are wrecking havoc in my absence and I think one of them has duct tape.


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