First Day of School…..AKA What to do When Your Lil Guy is Shy

I will preface this with, I should have planned better and got there good and early. Instead we got there right when the kids were lined up and walking in. Ugh.


Anyway, So today was Charlie’s first day of Kindergarten! Last night we packed his backpack full of his supplies, picked out his outfit and got all excited about Kindergarten! This morning when he woke up, he was so ready! Wanted to get dressed immediately. Ethan wanted to go to, so dressed him up and got him his mini back pack and the 3 of us walked to school.

IMG_9048 IMG_9051 IMG_9053 IMG_9057

It took a bit longer than I thought, even though its like, right around the corner, but my boys are slow walkers! We got there right at 8:15 when the kids are going in.

Charlie WOULD NOT GO IN. He went a corner of the building saying “Mom, I don’t want to go in. Its scary in there”

I tried coaxing him, telling him how brave he is, what a big kid, how fun kindergarten is going to be….nope! Wouldnt work. Some of the facility that was lined up outside tried to help out and talk to him, but he would have nothing to do w them! The social worker came and helped and he liked her right off the bat, but still wouldn’t go in. We showed him his classroom from the outside. I brought his backpack inside and put it in his cubby. NOPE!

So the social worker suggested that we go for a walk outside to the park.


We went there, he played for a little bit while she chatted with him. Charlie warmed up to her and she convinced him to come to her office where she has a trampoline and toys and a cool bouncy chair for him to play on. This is where we parted. I gave him a kiss and hug good by and he went with the social worker to hang out.

She just called me and let me know she got him in the classroom! And he seemed to be loving it now!

Oh my shy guy! I am so sorry I didn’t think to get you there nice and early so you would have more time to warm up to it! I should have known better, I am the same way and I have seen him do this before. Ugh Mommy Fail!

I can’t wait to hear about his day when class is out though! I know he is going to love it.

SO, what I have learned for going to school with a shy introvert such as myself:

1) Get there early, like 30 minutes early, to allow for a warm up period

2) Maybe call the social worker ahead of time so that they have a heads up

3) Make sure lil dude gets to meet his teacher before hand and maybe try to hook up w. one of the other students in class so he can have a buddy.

4) Don’t make him feel bad for being shy, its totally ok and there is nothing wrong with it. I was very big on encouragement and letting him know his feelings were totally acceptable and that its important to communicate them.


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