Art….AKA Getting My Creative Side ON!

I recently read the book “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” and there was a quote in there that really resonated w. me:

People like you must create. If you don’t create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society.”

So…in efforts to not become more of a menace to society 🙂 and to have some fun ‘me’ time I have started back up in an old hobby of mine. Drawing. Might even do some watercolors, we shall see.  I set up a part of my office as a drawing station and even set up an area where the boys can color and draw as well. Charlie and Ethan love hanging out w. me and drawing. Its so sweet! I might take Charlie out sometime to draw some trees sometime soon!

Here are some of the sketches and drawings I have done over the last couple of weeks. Nothing fancy, mostly just sketches of photos and wildflowers I found on our walks at the forest preserve.

Pencil drawing of Queen Anne’s Lace


Wild berry branch in colored pencil


Black Eyed Susan in colored pencil


Clover in colored pencil


I have no idea what kinda plant this is…but it has been drawn!


Doodling the flowers in ink


OK I was gonna put in some sketches I did from some photos of the kids…but yeah..they are NOT good enough to post!


4 thoughts on “Art….AKA Getting My Creative Side ON!

  1. You have always been so talented. Thats great you are embrassing your skills. And that you’re doing it now. I have always been wanting to get back into a creative outlet “someday” you are inspiring me !

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    • So glad! I hope you jump back in to! Its really great for just being able to focus on something I love, rather than something that is kids/husband/house. Something that is purely, just for me!If you ever wanna do a drawing session let me know! I would love to set up a still life…or we can make Brian be a life drawing model…muhahahah! 🙂


    • Thank you! Its so nice to hear that, makes me feel like I am accomplishing somethin w. my ME time, which does a lot for my craziness 🙂 I really hope you jump back in too, it really has helped me alot. I always heard ppl say that and kinda rolled my eyes (hippie!) but it really is so therapeutic and gives so much positivity into my life!


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