The First 4boys Broken Limb

Ethan broke his arm a couple weeks ago…but I was CLUELESS. So I guess he was jumping from his dresser to his bed and fell on his arm. We had assumed that he just sprained his wrist. He would hold it and didn’t like it being moved. So we made him a sling out of one of my scarfs and waited to see how it felt the next day.



Here is Ethan with his lovely yellow silk scarf sling…while babies climb on the table…and yeah I have NO IDEA what that is stuck to his back.

So the next day, which was New Years day, he still didn’t want to use his arm for anything and we decided it was time to get him checked out. He charmed the emotional pants off of every one there! The lady up front who was helping us, loved him. When we were done w. her and being sent back, Ethan said ‘Thank you Doctor!” and she was just tickled, and replied, “Well Im not a doctor, but your welcome!” Then in the observation room, the nurse walks in and Ethan goes up to her and says ” WOW PRETTY BLUE EYES!” OMG she melted.

The nurse checked him out, and verified that she believes its a break so they set up time in the X-ray. We go back to the X-ray, had him lay down on a table and the X-Ray up above started making some noises (which kinda freaked him out) and we had to keep him still for about 5 minutes…AKA ETERNITY. They were able to show us the pics right away and then the doctor came and explained what we were looking at. It was a small crack in the bone.

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They believe when he fell he landed on his elbow, which caused the break.

The put him in a temporary cast, or splint, which was kinda cool, the took out of a large box, which had this material in a roll and measured the length of his arm and then the length of the material and cut it. They then opened the cloth and wrapped it around his arm, then wrapped THAT w. a wrap and put it all in a cute dinosaur sling. We had instructions to go see a pediatric orthopedist the next day for a real cast.

ethan dino sling

The next day we went to the ortho and they put the full cast on him. This cast was called a long arm cast since it went from the knuckles to the upper arm. It was made of plaster of paris. First the wrap the arm in thick fluffy cotton then wrap wetted plaster stripes around the cotton and let it dry in place. We had instructions to make sure it didn’t get wet…which made bathtime FUN! But other wise, he was totally cool w. it. He called it his big bandaid, and loved to use his broken arm as an excuse. “Ethan, clean your room” ” But mommy, broken arm!” “Ethan, Finish your dinner!” “But, broken arm!” and then would proceed to jump off the couch.  He defiantly didn’t let it get in his way, and he slept great even though he had that big honking think in the way.

About 3 weeks later he went in, had an X-ray and the doctor determined that the cast could be taken off! Yay! Although the break is still there, but much diminished, is still healing. SO my crazed 3 year is not allowed to bounce, jump, play, roughhouse or anything else that his crazy 3 year old self may want to do. Kinda wished they could have kept it on if thats the case! But I get that we had to take it off so his arm is being used as well.

SO that is the story of the 1st 4boys broken bone! Im sure there will be many more! But learned alot from the experience. A broken bone IS NOT OBVIOUS! If your kiddo isn’t using his limb, definitely bring him in to the ER to get checked out! I did not expect a broken limb when we went it, thought it would just be a sprain. He wasn’t in pain unless it got hit. He wasn’t misformed or arm in a funky way. So yeah…I was clueless. Learn from my inexperience dumbassery!


Step 1: Diet Changes

I’m attempting to go mostly Paleo this month. This last month I have been doing baby steps. I went full paleo last year for 4 months and lost 15 pounds, along w. 6 inches off my waist….but then Christmas happened and I fell off the Paleo wagon.

So last month I cut out Dairy and Gluten and started eliminating delicious calorie bomb beverages like soda, beer, lattes and my kids juice boxes (yes I LOVE THEM DAMMIT). I am keeping goat cheese very lightly and the occasional glass of wine…cuz yeah… I have 4 boys. My therapist (yes, I have a therapist, she helps me to not run away to Mexico) suggested the start w Dairy and Gluten due to a possibility of Leaky Gut Syndrome. I will post more on this later, but to reduce anxiety the first approach we are taking is to clean up my diet. We are going very holistic w. anxiety treatment. (I will probably do a post on this as well) My husband is VERY happy that I am cutting out dairy due to the evil noxious fumes that occur when I dare entertain a cheese pizza or pint of ice cream…yeah… its gross.


Regular beverage replacement has been pretty much water and tea, which is cool cuz I love both. Give me a cup of Earl Grey with lemon or Green Tea straight up and I’m a happy gal.

This month I am kicking it up another notch. I will be eliminating all processed foods (except the occasional protein bar for mornings I don’t have time to make breakfast…like this morning), taking out rice, potatoes, processed fruits and cereal. Big focus on upping my water intake.



Breakfast: Today I had a protein bar and a cup of tea, so not perfect, but yesterday I had banana pancakes…as in 2 bananas and 2 eggs mashed up w a bit of cinnamon and fried up like a pancake…it was delicious!!

Lunch: Salad (I hate iceberg lettuce so I go w. fresh greens like arugula) w. pecans, chicken and a vinaigrette dressing

Dinner: Chicken roasted w. lemon slices and a side of asparagus and sweet potato hash.


After months of laziness and not working out….IM BACK. I have been a total bump on a log, a bug in a bed…..conserving my energy for my crazy horde…has been my excuse…but I was just letting the anxiety and stuff take over for a while there and not focusing on the stuff that can make it go away!

Its crazy…like a catch 22….I KNOW exercise makes the anxiety go away..its makes me feel better…it makes me NOT FAT….it makes me a better mom….but once you fall out of routine its SO HARD TO GET BACK IN!

SO after months of saying I am getting back in…I am finally in..I rowed and did leg day yesterday and even that one time made me feel so better. I realized I MISSED the sore muscles! I MISSED the adrenaline rush. I MISSED the positive effects of working out!