Holy Cats….Unemployment for the first time in …15 years

BouncingBoysSo I lost my job. The company I was working for had to lay some of us off. It kinda sounds dirty…so you got LAID….off? you got OFF….of a job….? Yup My mind continues to operate in 12 year old boy mode. I blame my 4 boys. Well..5 if you include the husband….6 if you include Michel our 19 year old au pair from Germany…so its me in this house with ….6 boys…perhaps I need a blog name change?

On the upside..this is the first time I have been sans employment since I was 15 years old. Wow I have been working for the past 10 years…ok 15….OMG more than 15…I WILL NOT GIVE AN EXACT NUMBER! So this is actually turning out to be a much needed break. A time to reflect on what I really want to do. A time to grow my sk ills like using codecombat.com to grow my java skills. A time to level my WOW characters as they deserve! dammit.

OH YEAH AND I have kids…so I am using this time to hang with them and make myself queen in my household (not that I wasn’t already..just reinforcing my awesomeness) So Charlie (5) and Ethan (3) have been hiking a lot with me. The twins (almost 2…OMG) are now climbing out of their cribs..escaping their room…and WRECKING HAVOC EVERYWHERE. On a high note…since I have had the free time, Ethan has become potty trained. YAY!

But the twins continue to be the most biologically waste challenged children I have ever encountered. They poop in the tub EVERY TIME. They strip naked and throw their diapers like mardi gras  beads at each other EVERY MORNING AND NAP. They are FACINATED with the sand box that is the cats litter box and no matter how we hide/disguise/007 it, they FIND A AWAY!

Luckily they are cute. Luckily they are the most cuddly lil monkeys on the planet. Luckily they are my babies and I wont be having any more tiny ones. So they are forgiven…often…at least as long as I have wine in the house.

Luckily I also have our au pair, Michel. The dude is a freakin’ baby whisperer. They all adore him. He has that big brother vibe they all love and he is crazy about them.

So yeah, I cant complain too much, I am unemployed and I have a rockstar watching my kids 40-45 hours a week. So I really get a chance to relax for the first time in ages, get some projects done, look for a job and OMG SLEEP IN! HOLY CRAP! THE SLEEPING IN! I forgot how F’ING AWESOME THAT IS! Granted..my sleeping in is like 9 am…but its GLOORIOUS! Then I get on my job sites and my javascript/python apps to build on my skills…but that is in the comfort of my bed…with out the 4 adorable monkeys distracting the crap out of me. Its pretty damn glorious and definitely helps with the optimism.

Not to mention…its spring.

It was frakin 70 degrees today!

While my anxiety driven side is working my ass hard to find a good job…the part of me that knows I need this break is taking it all in! And I’m training…running …hiking..walking…its awesome and feels great!