Been ….a while….


Sooooo its been an age, an eon, a while, a LONG DAMN TIME…since I have posted. I blame 4 boys, full-time job, house and anxiety….and video games…shhhhhhh (DAMN YOU SKYRIM!…AND FABLE II,III…AND WITCHER III….omg stop). But I’m getting back into it! SO lets see what has happened the last couple of years.



Charlie is now entering 2nd grade. This is kid is awesome at school. He loves gaining teacher approval, is good at listening and learning, can use some help with writing but just rocks at the school stuff. He LOVES Minecraft, Roblox and Pokemon cards. I’m trying to get him into a sport but he tells me he is not an athlete. So we shall see. He is my key helper. Helps with his brothers. Helps with housework. He also likes to be a pain in #2’s (Ethan’s) butt and taunts him, but also they are besties. He is convinced he is smarter than me ( and not even a damn teenager) because he is in school and I am not. Brat. But yeah, love em. Very laid back. Very eager to please.


Ethan. oh Ethan. This kid is a charmer. He charms me, his gramma, his Uncle Jay, random strangers and waitresses. He just walks up to people sits next to them and starts talking to them. He starts kindergarten this year….it will be…interesting. He gives ZERO F*CK$ about what other people think, so is not going to be interested in making his teacher happy. If he is engaged and interested, he will do great. If not….he will do what ever the heck he wants. So … I’m worried. We shall see. Maybe the charm will help him out. He loves what his big brother loves. Minecraft, Roblox, Pokemon. He also loves to taunt and torture HIS little brothers. The Charm and the Adorbs go a long way, but working on getting his focus more in gear.


Miles …. my pretty wonderful sweetheart. This lil guys is shy, loves cuddles and loves his alone time. He is my lil introvert with a curly mop of hair. He smiles and just makes you calm. Miles loves books, loves Team Ummie Zoomie (Or however you spell it), and LOVES as in LOOOOVES cars. He sleeps with a lil matchbox limo my mom got him. He is crazy smart, knows his letters and how to shape them. Knows his colors, shapes, numbers. BUT has a bit of a speech delay. Some of his sentences come out “mama, blahbmamahdbablababa” and then some come out “mama, look car!” or “JackJack, my turn with the tablet” (YES WE TABLET! my house my rules) but I definitely think he is behind but with some more focused time, I think he will get some strong progression. He will be starting preschool with his brother this fall.


Jack, Miles’ fraternal twin, like Ethan…is a charmer. He has DIMPLES! DIMPLES!!!!! They are so honkin cute. He is a little bossy pants. ” Mama, Finish your food!”; “Daddy, No, we watch SuperWhy!” ; “Charlie, Get down from the counter!”. But he is also crazy into cuddles. This kid will cuddle up w. me on the couch anytime. And my goodness is this kid smart. He can figure out mechanics, letters out of straws, puzzles. Also has a bit of a speech delay but not as pronounced as Miles. He has a Sourpatch Kids relationship with his twin. On one side, he bites his brother, takes stuff from him and then on the other side if Miles cries, he is first to bring Miles his blankie. He always asks for two snacks or treats so he can bring one to Miles. If someone is being mean or even telling Miles ‘No” he gets all bossy pants and tells that person off.


They are adorable lil twinsies!

So we have my husband and me with the kids but we also have our au pair. We had Michel from Germany for 2 years and he just left so now we have Renato from Brazil.


Michel has become a huge part of our life, we are so sad to seem him go and I am making sure that he comes and visits later this year. He’s like a little brother to me now! And the boys adore him. He is back in Germany and starting school. We had many great adventures including him coming out of the closet while he was in America. It was great to witness his getting to know himself! Talked with him through that journey and different guys he dated, different heartbreaks. And we got to binge watch Lost and Game oF Thrones together…not to mention all the super geeky movies I made the poor guy watch.

Now we have Renato, also in the pic, to the left. Renato is from Brazil and the kids have taken to him wonderfully. I am looking forward to the family having great experiences with him as well as we get to know him and I get to regale him with all my 80 geeky movies all over again!

So that is what we have been up to. Last I posted we had just taken on Michel and we had recently moved to a larger house to accommodate the crowd. The boys share rooms in pairs, have a guest room, master, 2 offices and the au pair room. Au pair gets their own bathroom, mini fridge and the room is opposite the other rooms so some privacy as well.  The best part of the move is all the places to hike! Ill do a post on some of our hiking adventures soon. We are further into the country and I LOVE IT. Farms, farm fresh eggs and veggies, wildlife, trees…ohh trees!, wildflowers, exploring….oh so awesome.

More to come shortly…I PROMISE!


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