Bench Reupholstery….AKA PROJECTS!

I did another quickie project yesterday at the house and love how it turned out!



I knew I would need a staple gun, scissors and fabric. Wasn’t sure what else so just grabbed a bunch of random stuff…


Flipped the bench upside down (rubbed its belly before operating).


The seat part came out like, crazy easy. I though I was gonna have to pry or unscrew or something, nope, just came right out.


I started staples on the long sides first, pulling the fabric tight and pulling the trigger.


As expected, the corners were a lil tricky, but I thnk I did a decent job.


Continued stapling around the whole honkin thing…hand was SoRE


Flipped if back over and TADA:


Charlie Approves!


Im debating painting the legs…maybe gray, gold or white…what do y’all think?

Ooo and I have some left over fabric so will probably make a couple pillows!


Chair Transformation……AKA…Yup thats an improvement!

One of my craigslist finds was an antique 5$ chair…and it was stained…and I wanted to motify it to go better with the decor IN MY HEAD *please note this means that it goes in touch w. future plans…not current paint scheme*



Here is what I did..and I feel all crafty and awesome. This was way easier than I imagined!

Here is the dye I bought…


I probably should have been helpful and took a pic of the innards…but yea…was too excited. Its a plastic packet w. the dye inside. I had to use a chopstick to get it in the spray  bottle of HOT water…


So once the dye and the ‘intensifier’ was in the spray bottle, I brought my victim to the garage and commenced…


I admit, when I first started spraying…I was like OMG WHAT AM I DOING????


But it got better


And better!IMG_8579

So this is iteration 1!

I may try changing the leg color to gold…or blue… I dunno? Any thoughts?? I wanna make it modern…but classic….

NEW BED! …AKA I LOVE Finding Steals and Deals

We got a KING SIZE BED! Its huge and glorious and the whole horde can fit on it! We (The Husband and I) slept in it last night and I had no idea he was there. He never felt me get up to check on the lil dudes this morning. Its awesome. It is an amazing comfort island in the bedroom.

We got it off of Craigslist from a Korean couple who are moving to California and didn’t want to bother with the move of the bed. They have had it about a year.

The mattress and box spring: Tempur-pedic! Those suckers go for  like $3K! And wow, comfy and The Husband woke up this morning with nary a pain in his back! YAY!!!!!

The Headboard, footboard and stuff: I have no idea but its purty! I found like items online from anywhere between $500 and $5000!

How much did way pay? $700. AWESOME SAUCE! The main thing we were keeping an eye out for was a king size tempur-pedic, and they were always on craigslist for well over $1000 and The Husband was all like, uh no. This one came up w. the 4 poster bed and heck yeah. JUMPED ON IT! I picked up a really nice Hotel Collection sheet set for $50 and a Hotel Collection comforter set for $90 from TJ Maxx (kinda cool, it came with decorative pillows and stuff). They look uber awesome and feel glorious. Here are a couple pics. Its not made…The Husband is still sleeping in that behemoth somewhere 🙂 But yeah. Uber happy!

IMG_7455 IMG_7456

Senor Charlie APPROVES!