Paleo-ish Recipes: Steak GLOOORIOUS Steak…Filet Mignon


The Husband and I LOVE a good Filet. Over the years we finally nailed down how to make a top notch steak with a great crust.

So first: Assemble the Ingredients! We have the steaks, pepper, salt, dried rosemary (from our garden), olive oil, garlic powder and butter. Preheat oven to 450


While assembling, I start the heat on high on my cast iron skillet. You want that pan super hot (if you flick some water on it, it should sizzle) Put a couple tablespoons of oil in the pan.  You want your steaks to be close to room temp, so have them out for 30 minutes before you throw them on the pan.  We take a lil oil and rub the steak. Then on both sides add all the seasonings.

IMG_4846IMG_4843 IMG_4845

Then throw em in the pan and don’t touch! Let them hang out for about 4 minutes and then flip. (Thats The Husband’s hairy arm up there btw)


NOM look at that crust! Let it cook another 4. Add a slab of butter on the top of both and then place pan in the oven for about another 5 minutes. Take the steak out of the oven and off the pan on to a resting area (cutting board, plate, whateva) Let them rest for about 5 minutes and then FEAST! I got too distracted by the delciousness so I didn’t get a plating shot. We served with some spinach and asparagus 🙂


Paleo-ish Recipes: Lemon Chicken and Asparagus…and EPIC FAIL!

So I wanted to make a lemon chicken recipe. Looking up recipes I found this one. (Has yogurt in the marinade so not totally Paleo, but that’s why I go with ish 🙂 I also wanted to get fancy w. my asparagus and make a hollandaise. I usually go with the blender version, which is much easier. I tried the traditional way AND EPICALLY FAILED! Totally killed my night. But anyway…

asseemmmbllleee the ingredients….(totally saying that in a whiny mumblely voice, sorry)

We have yogurt, lemon (juice and zest), cumin, cayenne pepper, coriander, asparagus, chicken, eggs and butter


So first I made the marinade. Threw the yogurt, coriander, lemon juice, zest, cumin and some salt in a bowl and then transferred to a bag w. the chicken and let it hang out for an hour. Then I put it all in the oven at 425 in a shallow oven safe dish. The Husband I have found that the perfect chicken is ready in about 20 minutes when you have it 425.

So next…. Make the sauce….this is where the first fail of the night comes.


The recipe said to mix egg yolks and cold water….I HAVE NEVER done a hollandaise w. water. So was already kinda side eyeing this sucker. (but I did have an adorable assistant who LOVED snapping the ends off the asparagus. Got a bit ambitious sometimes and kept snapping, but oh man he was so happy to help!)

Move this to the double boiler…get to like 150 degrees. In my epic fail I didn’t bother with the temp. And I CURDLED THE DARN EGGS! so gross and so sad. and I was out of eggs so couldn’t go back and do my usual blender version. Totally bummed me out. The Husband came and saved the day by  making a lemon butter sauce with some Worcestershire. Not as amazing as my hollandaise would have been… but it did the trick…


…but then another fail…I OVER COOKED THE CHICKEN! In my state of abject depression over my failed sauce, I forgot to take out the chicken at 25 minutes….it was totally dry


ALAS! WHYYYY!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!  We still ate it….but oh man! Well I will try again when I have more eggs and hopefully will persevere and kick some hollandaise butt! And I am glad I have a husband that can bring be back to earth when I am in the depths of cooking despair and some how make it edible! And the boys liked the asparagus! yay!

Paleo-ish Recipes: Baked Chicken w Spinach and Atrichokes


My aunt Lynn posted this recipe on her Facebook and it looked pretty awesome. Here is the link to the original recipe. Very uber healthy, pretty darn tasty.

So first! ASSEMBLE THE INGREDIENTS! 4 chicken thighs, carrots, yellow onion, red onion, butter, salt, veggie broth and garlic


Oh and artichokes, can’t forget artichokes, in fact I used 2 cans instead of just one. Love those suckers.


Next melt the butter at the bottom of a deep pan that is also good in the oven. Dutch ovens rock (and I mean the cooking ware…sicko…gosh…mind out of the bodily fuctions!) Then put your salted chicken thighs in for about 5 minutes a side so they get all brown and delicious looking.


Meanwhile, chop your veggies, drain and rinse the artichokes


Take out the chicken and set aside. Add all veggies, stock and garlic (except spinach) cook for like 10 minutes. Then add in the spinach, let it wilt down.(oh and I added some salt at this point)

IMG_4218 IMG_4219

Next bring back chicken, cover and throw in a 425 oven for 20 minutes


Then take it out, and NOMNOMNOM. I did have to add a lil more salt to my plate. But over all, pretty darn good. I might try adding some bacon to it for the next round. Or perhaps  fresh Thyme. It was good, but could use an extra flavor kick. Def will do it again though!


Paleo-ish Recipes- Stuffed Peppers


My husband found this recipe on and its pretty darn awesome….probably because there is bacon….who am I kidding…its cuz of bacon. mmmmmBACONmmmNOMNOMNOM

*AHEM* excuse me…so anyway its a Paleo-ish stuffed pepper recipe. Def check it out.

ASSEMBLE THE INGREDIENTS! Ground Beef, Yellow Onion, Sweet Potato (diced), Tomato (cubed), lots o garlic (diced), salt, white pepper, dijon mustard, chili flakes, oregano, thyme, parsley, ground coriander (Oh Lysander, bring me the Coriander), fresh ground nutmeg, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil,  a coupla eggs, bell peppers…and of course..bacon.


Next mix the stuffing: so pretty much everything but the peppers and the bacon…unless you want to throw some extra bacon in there…dammit why didn’t I think of that BEFORE! ARHGHGHGH! MISSED BACON OPPORTUNITY!…. next time…


Then stuff into peppers…duh 🙂 and give one of the babies a cuddle

IMG_3542      Milesand Me

Put stuffed peppers in a baking thingy/contraption/pan doohickey and top with BACON.


Put in the oven at 375 for about 45 minutes, then let sit for a song or two and then….NOMNOMNOM

The Husband did have a post cooking suggestion of blanching the peppers first. I dunno, it had bacon. I’m happy 🙂


Paleo-ish Snack: Toasted Pecans


Oh Pecans, how I love thee! Although now I cannot have you in a pie…I will have you in a….(OK I cant think of a rhyme, so)…snack.  Yeah I love pecans. My favorite diet friendly snack. I have found that I like them even better when toasted with a lil deliciousness on them. Toasting completely changes the consistency and its glorious.

Assemble the ingredients! Pecans, Canola Oil, Honey, Cinnamon and Salt


First I spray a pan with canola oil (please excuse the blackened pan…its been through a lot) and then spread the pecans out on it. Give them a spray as well.


I then gather ’em up in the middle, give a light drizzle of honey (if I am doing this as a dessert then a lil more honey), a couple shakes of cinnamon (or a lot) and a light sprinkle of salt. Toss around. Then, toast in the toaster oven on Toast for 3-5 minutes or bake in the oven at about 375 for 5-7 minutes. Definitely keep an eye on them…they go from perfectly toasted to burnt with in like 30 seconds.

Last step NOMNOMNOMNOM…but watch out for rugrats…they WILL attempt to eat them all.

Oh and speaking of rugrats,  I must report a moment of great pride. Charlie asked me to put sauteed mushrooms on top of his mac n cheese. (Yeah they are not on Paleo, they are on the whatever they will honkin’ eat diet) He LOVES mushrooms. Such a ham.


Paleo-ish Recipes: Chicken Thighs w Mushroom Cilantro Red Sauce


OK so this combo sounds kinda funky, but OMG ITS SO GOOD!

So first assemble the ingredients! We have 4 chicken thighs, a bunch of cilantro (which I sent my minion to work, extracting leaves), can of tomato sauce, mushrooms (cut into bite size pieces), shallots or yellow onion, garlic and salt/pepper.

IMG_2504 IMG_2509

Next: Heat up a pan w a wee bit of olive oil and brown the chicken, about 6 minutes on each side. Then remove chicken to a plate. Throw in the mushroom with a bit of salt, let them get all browned up, about 5-7 minutes with a couple stirs. In the mean time, throw the cilantro, shallots (like 2ish shallots) and garlic (I used 5 cloves…but I’m a garlic fiend) into a food processor…and… process? (Whatever, you know what I mean!)

IMG_2513 IMG_2515

In the mushroom pan add the tomato sauce and the green deliciousness, stir around. Add the chicken back, cover, let cook about 10 minutes. The turn the chicken, recover and cook another 15 -20.

IMG_2516 IMG_2518 IMG_2519

Use this time to feed babies, chase toddlers away from stove, get kids ready for bed.

IMG_2520 IMG_2522

IMG_2524  IMG_2528

When time has passed and its ready… get that chicken and sauce on a plate on NOMNOMNOM. Seriously, this is so fraking good. Really blew my socks off the first time I made it…I made again two days later.


Paleo-ish Recipes: Chicken and Parsnips W Butternut Squash and Kale

photo 3_1

Oooohhh good eats. How I love thee. I found the Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale recipe on Bubbles and Booya‘s blog. Here is the link NOMNOM. I had one change, I subbed the nutritional yeast for Parmesan cheese,  but only because I hadn’t been able to find the yeast. I want to order it online and give it a whirl though. This recipe was AWESOME! My husband was worried about the combo…but was very very impressed with how good it was. TRY IT OUT! NOM!

As for the Chicken and Parsnips, I found that here. Here we go. ASSEMBLE THE INGREDIENTS! We have 6 chicken thighs, 2 parsnips, 2 shallots, chicken stock, arrowroot flour, 1 cup chardonnay, rosemary and butter.

photo 2_1

We went out to check to see if our rosemary survived the frost and it did! So we brought it in so we could save it. Kinda looks like a tree. Coooool. Gave Charlie the job of drying and ripping up the Kale for the side dish.

photo 1_1photo 2

So evidently the rest of my pictures have vanished from my phone….so I’ll have to put some random ones in here w. the directions. First you get a dutch oven nice and hot w a bit of oil in it. Take the chicken, salt and pepper it and add some arrowroot flour. Put in the pan, brown on both sides for about 6-8 minutes. Transfer to a plate. (RANDOM ADORABLE BABY IN HAT!) And a pic of 2 peeled parsnips. I have never had a parsnip before. Its like a slightly sweet carrot and kinda love em!

photo 3photo 1

Next add chopped shallots, parsnips (which are peeled and cut into strips) and a sprig of rosemary to the pan. Let it cook for a minute then add the wine. Reduce by half and then add the chicken stock. Bring back the chicken, cover and let cook for about 25 minutes. Take off the cover, let the sauce thicken, remove rosemary sprig and serve. NOMNOMNOM.

photo 3_1

Paleo-ish Recipes: Chicken and Mushroom Stew..NOM!


So this recipe is more time-consuming that my past ones, probably take about 30 minutes prep and another 2 hours to cook. But so worth it. So FREAKING GOOD! And the left overs the next day are even better. We got this recipe originally from our Bon Appetit magizine here and modded it up a bit so it was less carbs, so really, nixed the dumplings and subbed out the flour. I LOVE mushrooms and this combo was awesome.

So first…assemble ingredients and dutch oven.


We have bacon, chicken thighs, chicken legs, white wine, chicken stock, LOTS of mushrooms (shitake, baby bellas and oyster), a yellow onion, 6 garlic cloves, arrowroot flour, fresh thyme and salt/pepper.

Start with cutting up half a package of bacon into 1-2 inch pieces and throw in the dutch oven on medium heat. In the meantime cut the onion into 1 inch chunks, clean mushrooms and smash the garlic cloves. (oh and feel free to open that wine early and have a glass while you cook) Give the bacon a stir. When it is browned, put it to the side but keep all the bacon fat deliciousness in the pan.

IMG_1965 IMG_1966

Toss the chicken in the flour (arrowroot flour for paleo) and some salt/pepper and then place to the dutch oven. Make sure you just add enough to cover the bottom of the oven cuz you are looking to brown/crisp up the skin. You may need to do multiple batches depending on the size of your pan. Sear for about 6 minutes on both sides and the take out, set aside w.  bacon.

IMG_1969 IMG_1972

Put all the mushrooms in the dutch oven and give it a stir to get the fats all over it. (DROOOOL)  Throw in a bit of salt and pepper and add some olive oil if it looks too dry. Let them cook for about 7 minutes. Take out and put aside. Throw in onions and garlic, let them caramelize about 7 minutes.  Add the wine and let it reduce by half. Then add back the chicken and bacon along with chicken broth and thyme. Put it on low, cover her up for about an hour. At one hour, remove the cover. Have more wine 🙂 (And yes that is a Kraft Mac n Cheese box, Charlie and Ethan love that stuff)

IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1977

Another hour of cooking and OMG it smells so good, looks so good, you wanna just dive in. Throw the mushrooms back in and let them swim for 15 minutes. Then you are ready to clean it up (remove bones, thyme sticks and fat/chewy bits, gross but necessary) THEN….NOMNOMNOMNOM! And make sure you save some, cuz I swear its even better the next day warmed up.

IMG_1978 IMG_1979

Paleo-ish Recipe: Pork Chops w Apple/Fennel/Leeks/Sage


We did this one last week and YUM. I am not usually a big fan of pork chops, but this was so good that we made it twice in one week! Very autumny (even though now we are in January like weather, not cool November, not cool)

So first! Get your pan smokin’ hot and sear the pork chops about 4 minutes on both sides and then put on a covered plate somewhere to keep warm. (if you want the sweet potato on the side, stick it w. a fork a couple of times, throw it in the oven at 350, it will be in there about 45 minutes) (Please ignore my stove that desperately needs cleaning, OMG DON”T JUDGE MY STOVE! STOP LOOKING! STAAAHHHHP)

IMG_1765 IMG_1767

Next, assemble topping ingredients for the topping. Leeks, Fennel, Apple, Sage, Butter, Apple Cider Vinegar, Beer and Salt!

Chop up the white/light green part of the leeks and throw into the pan you just had used to cook the pork chops along w. a slab of butter. Cook until lightly browned..about 5-7 minutes. In the mean time, core and cube your apple and fennel. Here are a couple pictures of the fennel prep.

IMG_1770 IMG_1773

Add the apple and fennel to the pan. Prepare for delicious smells. Check on rugrats.

IMG_1775 IMG_1795

Save Ethan from top of the dryer. Add a small palm of salt to pan, let cook for 5-7 minutes. Then add sage. More amazing smells. Let cook another minute then put in a bowl to the side. Give the babies those lil star snacks they love to keep them occupied for a lil longer.


Put another couple slabs of butter in the pan. If you wanna be good w. Paleo add 2 tbsp of arrowroot flour or a tbsp of corn starch or else just use 2 tbsp of flour. Stir for a couple of seconds, let it get hot and lightly brown. Add a cup of either beer, hard apple cider or apple cider. We used Blue Moon, and add apple cider vinegar. If you just wanna be light w. the vinegar, about 2 tbsp…if you love vinegar, as does The Husband, add 1/4 cup. Pretty darn vinegar strong, but we likes it like that. Let it get a bit thick, should coat a spoon. Add the bowl of apple/fennel/leeks/sage and let it all coat and get delicious together for a minute or two. Serve on top of the pork chops. NOMNOMNOM. If you are also doing sweet potatoes, grab em, cut em long ways, add a couple slabs of butter and cinnamon. I also added a lil honey. NOM.


Paleo NOMS: Sweet Potato Apple Hash and Lemon Dill Chicken

Sweet Potato Apple Hash and Lemon Dill Chicken

I was hunting down a different way to make sweet potatoes and came across this, and OMG, SO GOOD.

So here is what is in it..2 Apples cubed w skin no core, 6-8 slices of bacon cut in 1-2 inch pieces, 2 sweet pototos peeled and cubed, some walnuts, salt/pepper (ignore that stray scallion, he always tries to pop in and include himself, jerk) (jk scallion, love you, your just not in this recipe) (OMG dude, your talking to vegetables) (Dumb question, scallion is a veggie right? Or is it an herb?) (WOW LOSING CREDIBILITY BY THE MINUTE HERE)


and a yellow onion (cut into 1 inch pieces), cant forget that! (Or else she would get pissed, hehehe jk)


So I put the cubed sweet potatoes, tossed in some olive oil and salt, in the oven on a cookie sheet for about 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, cooked the bacon until crispy in a deep fry pan (7-10 min). Then added the onions. Cooked to translucent (7-10 min) and added the apples. Cooked for another 5 minutes. Added the sweet potatoes from the oven. Salted.  Turned up the heat to high and browned the sweet potatoes along w. rest in the pan. Toasted the walnuts in my toaster oven for 5 min. Threw them on top of the sweet potato mixture. DONE  Srsly,so good. And great to heat back up the next day.

The Lemon Dill chicken is super easy. 2 Chicken breasts, juice and zest of 2 lemons, salt, lil olive oil, 1/4 cup of chopped fresh dill and 5 chopped garlic cloves in a baking dish. Cook at 375 for 20-25 minutes. (really can you go wrong when a recipe calls for 5 cloves of garlic?)